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Eyebrow Treatment


OPM is the only brand that offers natural, organic pigments. These pigments are plant-based and will not change color with time.

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Oneyda Eyelashes

Our highly-recommended source for eyelash extensions to help with thinning or stunted eyelashes located in West Hollywood.


IV Therapy Center 

Dr. Bereliani offers custom cocktails that are designed to meet the unique needs of cancer patients. To do this, he draws on his years of IV therapy experience to create a blend of vitamins and minerals that goes beyond just Vitamin C and is tailor-made for each individual patient.



OPM is the only brand that offers natural, organic pigments. These pigments are plant-based and will not change color with time.

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The Wig Fairy

Full-service, upscale wig salon in Beverly Hills. The salon's array of services range from styling and modifications, cuts, custom repairs, colors and washes.


National Hair Loss

-- Laser Therapy for Hair Growth
-- Shampoo for Hair Loss
-- NHL Dermaroller to Boost Collagen
-- NHL Medical Grade Skincare & Products
-- Stem Cell & Growth Factor Products



For women who have undergone mastectomies, other breast surgery, or may have irregular or fading areola.

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Bunny Feather Beauty

Microblading is a semi-permanent method for drawing realistic eyebrows, either to compensate for thinning/discoloration or to replace completely lost brows.

Permanent cosmetic procedure where plant based organic pigments (this will never change colors) are deposited in the epidermis layer of the skin that mimic hair follicles. We provide the illusion of hair which is completed in 2-3 treatments typically. Can be treated to add more density to make it look like more hair or provide a 5 o'clock shadow look for shaved heads. 


$300 off new clients treatment plan when you mention "Brave Program"



Tracy's Boutique

Valley Breast Center Van Nuys boutique specializes in breast prosthesis and bras. They also provide hats and lymphedema garments such as compression arm sleeves and gauntlets/gloves. Call Tracy 818-782-3255 to schedule a appointment for a private fitting. They can bill your insurance. Don't forget to mention "The Brave Program!" 


Bedford Breast Center

Bedford Breast Center is a world-class facility dedicated to screening, early detection and surgeons who take into account the importance of aesthetics as well as curing disease.


Anita Care 

The skin friendly breast prostheses and compensatory cups by Anita Care are very similar in softness and weight to natural breasts, which makes them feel great on the skin.


Pink Perfect

Pink Perfect produces realistic, custom- made and ready-made adhesive silicone nipples for women who have undergone unilateral or bilateral mastectomies and breast reconstruction afterward and are not interested in a permanent makeup solution.


Valley Breast Cancer

Through The Valley Breast Cancer Foundation the center seeks to provide timely access to breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment for

under-insured and uninsured women. 

Don't let the lack of insurance keep you from having life-saving exam!


Regina L Edmond, MD

MonaLisa Touch therapy can help minimize symptoms of vaginal atrophy, a common condition that causes fragility, dryness, itching, and pain, including sexual pain in women post treatment. 


Dr. Dreifuss

Dr. Dreifuss-Kattan’s specialty is working with adult and pediatric cancer patients/survivors and their families as well as those with chronic pain.  In addition to her private practice, she also works extensively with Los Angeles-based organizations devoted to treating those with illness.


Dr. Moossazadeh

Dr. Moossazadeh runs the Restoring Health Institute, founded on a "whole human" approach to healing with alternative medicine.


Dr. Ben Talei

Dr. Talei then completed his residency training in head & neck surgery at Columbia University Medical Center, Cornell University Medical Center and New York Presbyterian Hospital. There, he worked with some of the most prominent facial plastic surgeons. Dr. Talei then served as chief in his residency at Columbia University and Cornell University. He also served as a fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.


Dr. Arash Asher, MD

Arash Asher is the Director of Cancer Survivorship & Rehabilitation at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute at Cedars-Sinai. His clinical and research interests focus on the rehabilitation of cancer patients to help restore their maximal functional capacity and quality of life. Dr. Asher's expertise is in the non-pharmacologic management of pain, cancer-related fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, neuropathy, exercise prescription for cancer patients and the management other musculoskeletal problems.


Acupuncture by Christian

Cancer Care 

CancerCare (800-813-4673) provides limited financial assistance for co-pays, transportation, home care, and child care. It also provides a list of sources for financial assistance and a database of organizations providing financial or practical help.  

Christian Cristiano is the premier provider of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. With extensive experience treating patients and provides comprehensive in-depth care.  With his passion for healing and wide-ranging empathy, coupled with his goal-oriented approach, Christian appeals to everyone.


The Samfund

Cancer Finances offers an online-tool to help guide you through some key topics that may impact your financial situation. Whether you are newly diagnosed, or many years past active treatment, this site can help you navigate finances after cancer.  


National Foundation for Transplants

The National Foundation for Transplants (800-489-3863) provides fundraising assistance for patients needing transplants, including bone marrow and stem cell transplants.


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's patient financial aid program (800-955-4572) provides limited financial assistance to help defray treatment-related expenses for patients diagnosed with a blood cancer, such as leukemia, lymphoma, or multiple myeloma, who have a significant financial need.



The Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition (CFAC) is a group of national organizations that provide financial help to patients. CFAC provides a searchable database of financial resources.


Dr. Carolyn Goh, MD

Dr. Carolyn Goh is a dermatologist with UCLA Health that specializes in steroid injections treatment and has Alopecia herself.


Dr. Goli Compoginis, MD 

Dr. Goli Compoginis is a scrupulous dermatologist serving the communities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and La Canada, CA. She brings extensive experience to her role at the Keck Medicine of USC. 

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Dr. Nicole Garcia, MD 

Dr. Nicole Garcia helps women suffering from hormone imbalance, which can often be related to Alopecia, to achieve a better and healthier life. Dr. Garcia specializes in bioidentical hormone therapy.

Hyperthermia Cancer Institute

Hyperthermia is a cancer treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used with radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy to treat tumors. We accept Medicare, United Healthcare (UHC), Tri-Care and most insurance policies. Find out if you qualify.

Mesothelioma provides comprehensive mesothelioma information for patients and families. Learn about the best treatment centers, doctors, research, and financial assistance. 

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Beverly Hills ENT & Facial Plastics


Dermavitality Oncology
Skin Care

Dr. Zandifar is a double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is a leader in hair transplantation and restoration. Located in Beverly Hills, our practice utilizes the latest in hair restoration technology, as well as the most experienced technicians to give you the best and most natural looking results. Our facility is also a training site for other physicians interested in learning how to utilize robotics and AR in hair transplantation. 

Dr. Zandifar has over a decade experience in the field of functional and cosmetic facial surgery and hair transplantation. Known for his honest, trustworthy, and compassionate approach to treatment and service, Dr. Zandifar’s patients feel safe while under his care and satisfied with their results.


We will offer complimentary consultations to all Brave Program referrals and 10% off any procedure/ service.

 With Alula, it's easier to find, offer, and organize support for patients with cancer. Their patient-curated marketplace helps lift some burden by offering a selection of tried and true products that provide functional relief for the side effects and after-effects that come with cancer treatment. By investing in patients’ care beyond their hospital rooms, Alula is redefining what everyday recovery and survivorship feels like for cancer patients.

 Dermavitality Oncology Skin Care products are developed by Oncology nurse Mark Brown RN BSN and breast cancer survivor Lesley Nygaard, a naturopathic nutritionist and essential oil coach who knows first hand what patients endure during treatment. Their mission is to make a difficult journey a little easier with products that help address skin issues related to radiation and chemotherapy. All Dermavitality products are formulated with pure, plant-powered, clean and natural ingredients that nourish, calm and soothe the skin. Skin supporting ingredients like Calendula, Shea Butter are combined with natural anti-inflammatory botanicals to help prepare the skin for radiation or chemo and maintain it throughout treatment.

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